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last 8 months

Posted by nixbert on November 4, 2008

I am returning to post to my blog after a long hiatus. Just to set the record straight following happened in past few months

– Interviewed at Duke and Tepper and was dinged

– My company went bust

– God blessed me with a son

– Decided to app again


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wordpress blog posting broken with Safari!

Posted by nixbert on June 17, 2007

Safari (Apple’s internet browser for windows) seems broken as far as posting to wordpress blogs is concerned.

After composing my entire post I hit the save button in Safari. The action resulted in removal of all line-breaks in my post. What resulted was a single paragraph devoid of any line breaks I had entered in visual mode.

Oh btw Apple released their browser for windows platform. It isnt as functional as Firefox but it sure is fast.

Anyway, going to file a bug report for it.

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