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MBA fair

Posted by nixbert on October 6, 2007

There was an MBA Fair in Mumbai. I decided to show up out of curiosity.

I cannot describe the sheer rush of junta. To borrow a phrase from Douglas Adams – The mind boggled!

I would not have minded the crowd had it not been for a large number of ill informed, dreamy eyed, happy-chappies who were hoping that someone else will spell out a life altering decision for them in a short conversation. (not that a long conversation is any different in this context)

One of the organiser clearly announced that it will be more productive if participants would *not* ask questions which can be answered quickly by browsing the school website and still there was no dearth of people asking alumni/ad-coms about mean GMAT score for their school!


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Irony …

Posted by nixbert on October 6, 2007

T20 WC – the epitome of instant-cricket (much like instant noodles) has suddenly become all the rage. Wham, bang, wallop, cheerleaders and what not.

And what dress do the winners of the world cup show up in at the Mumbai airport? – Test Match Whites!!

Ha! take that!

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Posted by nixbert on September 16, 2007

Read two interesting articles recently – Both with some inherent contradictions. See for yourself at

NY Times
BBC (comments following the article are even more interesting)

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sweet deal

Posted by nixbert on September 9, 2007

So my laptop broke. After evaluating various options I eventually decided to extend the Dell warranty. I was skeptical at first but had no choice. All of my precious data was on the hard drive and the thing would just refuse to boot up so I had to get this thing functional again. Well that …. and errr …. somehow I have grown fond of this behemoth (yes inspiron 9100 is one big-ass laptop – I still remember when I was visiting ISB, some of the guys kept themselves entertained by the sheer size of this beast – here is the big daddy)

So the warranty cost me about 11.5K but the service was prompt and effective. The parts were delivered and an engineer visited next day. He promptly took the machine apart, ran a few checks and then replaced … brace yourself  – motherboard, power panel, LCD and the graphics card all within the warranty. I am holding off getting the keyboard replaced but that can also be easily arranged given that ‘escape’ key is non-functional.

So as of now I am pretty happy. Just one minor irritant though. Ever since the laptop was put back together, I hear some small part moving and rustling about inside, which is not comforting. I think I am going to have the engineer open it all up again once he comes in to replace the keyboard.

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laptop blues…

Posted by nixbert on August 29, 2007

after 3 years of solid abuse and misuse my laptop finally decided it was enough.

It was like being hit in the guts by a ….. well it hurts like nothing else. Here I am, a supposedly tech-savy person, who has an ultra-fast 250GB disc sitting with him and he hasn’t even bothered to back up his data in 6 months!!! I have lost count of the number of conversations I have ruined by trying to advise any laptop-owner who would care to listen to rigorously back-up their data. And what did i do myself? nothing …zilch…nada.

And there was time when all of my important work, documents and mba-apps were backed up not just on external drive but also online!! Well, better late than never! I cannot bear to think of same happening one day before app-deadline.

Anyway, not everything is lost. I managed to transfer my service contract from UK to India and extend the warranty. So a technician visited yesterday and replaced motherboard of my laptop. So its booting up but LCD-panel (or video card) is not working quite the way its supposed to. So they are going to replace both of them as well tomorrow. So hopefully I should be able to survive. Hard-disk and apparently all of my data is safe!!

phewwww…. Thank God for small mercies!… really I mean it!

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where’s passion …

Posted by nixbert on August 5, 2007

… bell rang and my wife welcomed in three young women into the house.

I found out that they were from an NGO working for the betterment of destitute girl children in Mumbai. They had come to seek help in form of funds.

In conversations I happened to ask -‘So how do you raise awareness in your target group? Do you hold any awareness campaigns‘.

Pat came the reply – ‘Oh no! we don’t go there. Any normal person would not want to go there.

And they spent next few minutes trying to justify their stand and I do understand their reasons. However, I guess they ought not to be flat-out denying an important task which forms a core part of their NGO’s function. Whichever way you look at it, it isn’t advisable ringing bells to solicit funds and advising the donors that people caught in unfortunate circumstances aren’t normal or people who choose to to be in their midst are not normal!

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new job and relocation

Posted by nixbert on June 17, 2007

Its been a while since I updated anything. A number of times I jotted down stuff on paper/notepad but never got around to putting it up. Reason being that one fine morning I decided that my job sucked and I wanted a new one!

So one thing led to another and I have now joined tech divison of one of the largest global investment banks. My trip to Mumbai (i wrote about prev) was for this very interview and resulted in a very attractive offer.

Life has been blink-and-you’ll-miss action since. Resign from job. Try hard not to react listening to senior manager’s drivel. Confirm resignation without breaking into samba moves. And then just when you think its all over you get buried under shitloads of stuff to arrange for relocation. Forms to fill, clearences, accounts, certificates…..death by frustration!! Remind me again why did we ever come down from trees and started walking straight?

Anyway I did survive at the end of it all. I moved into a rented apartment yesterday. So all set!!

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my old frustations with linux on laptop

Posted by nixbert on March 29, 2007

With recent development on Dell-Linux front (see post below) I can’t help but remember the considerable time and effort I spent in getting my laptop to run linux 2 years back.

This because my laptop (Inspiron 9100) had top of the line (at that time) ati radeon 256 meg video card which delivered 1680×1050 widescreen resolution. Now I am not sure why but somehow card on my machine just refused to work with Linux ATI radeon drivers. This despite the fact that I downloaded the official driver from ATI website and then spent considerable time and effort to get it going. In fact I ended up blowing my LCD screen’s backlight. 😦 Then I had to connect an external monitor (effectively blind), back up my data and send the laptop to dell for repairs!

I am glad that now Dell has taken initiative to ship linux. Now the hardware vendors will have to make sure that their products don’t act snooty with open source world. Good news indeed.

In fact i recall reading somewhere that even HP ships machines with pre-installed linux if someone requests machines in bulk!! Fantastic development!

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the GMAT conundrum

Posted by nixbert on March 27, 2007

One thing we Indians seem to have done quite well is undermine the credibility of GMAT. There’s just so many of us who score so damn well on the test that its not even funny!

My sorry ar$e managed to score only 700 (Q – 47, V – 40) last year. In ideal circumstances this should not worry me too much but well …. I am an Indian IT male .. aint I? No Sir. You ought to know better. Since your brethren score by the bucketloads so you are condemned to sitting your ass down and study some more.

I know all those stories about gmat being just one data point and its all about your essays and overall app etc etc. But who the hell cares? Fact of the matter is that GMAT is probably the only factor in the entire app process which is well within complete control of an applicant. So it does makes sense to do as well as one can.

So … to make a long story short. I am just venting steam because I can’t believe I may have to deal with all that sentence correction nonsense again. Even though quite inexplicably Quant remains my weak point. I am an engineer by profession you know. Howz that for breaking the stereotype?

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you heard it here first ..

Posted by nixbert on March 18, 2007

if you remember I was cribbing about media combining names of a couple to create a single annoying word! e.g. brangelina, billary etc.

I was also wondering how long before abhishek and aishwarya will meet the same fate. Well you only have to turn to Times Of India of 17th March to find the word Abhiash!

Here’s the link if anyone is interested. But then again why would you be interested? Go away I hate you.

Sigh !!

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