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B-School Info

Here is a spreadsheet with some interesting info on few schools. This includes info like mean and range of gmat, age, experience.  Some indicative stats on mean salary and range along with stat/graphs on placement grouped according to industry/function are also included.

It is still a work-in-progress and I have fudged some data to –

– align individual expense to arrive at reported annual tution+living cost. Idea is to split annual cost into components rather than arrive at final cost from components

– round off decimal part of percentage figures on placement e.g. 4.2% is reported as 4%

– add different sub-industries into single head e.g. for Stern, numbers on IB and VC are added and appear as single percentage in Finance

(For some reason, .zip file upload is not possible on this blog so I have renamed the file to .doc extension.  Rename the downloaded file to .zip extension for use  )
The MBA Reckoner

Credit –
Originaly created by NoneDone at http://nonedone.blogspot.com.
Modified and enhanced by me to suit my usage


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