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About Me

Indian IT professional (Ho Hum!). MBA aspirant! Mostly Harmless!

I could fill reams on who I am or I could give you an indication by listing my preferences. I choose the latter since that would also explain the ‘mostly harmless’ part!

Favourite Books –

Globalization and Its Discontents – Joseph Stiglitz

Though the author sometimes seems to come across as anti-IMF and pro-WB but this book is still very thought provoking and a fantastic read.

HitchHiker’s Guide to Galaxy (Complete 5 novel series) – Douglas Adams

Outrageously funny! Classic British humour. Douglas Adams captures subtle nuances so well and converts them into memorably funny ancedotes. A number of websites filled with quotes from H2G2G are a proof of his popularity. My favorite passage from the series is when Marvin – the paranoid android – takes on the fully armed battle-tank and …..

btw Ford Prefect submitted following entry to the Hitchiker’s Guide for planet Earth after spending several years on it – “Mostly Harmless”.

I am an earthling after all 😉

Jeeves OmnibusP.G. Wodehouse

I thought Douglas Adams was good until I came across Wodehouse.  Magnificent humour. I’ve had people staring at me in airport lounge when I was reading this and was chuckling to myself (or so i thought!!). I am soon going to buy all of the rest of OmniBus series to complete my collection.

1984 – George Orwell

Timeless classic. A must read for anyone even mildly interested in politics, democracy, citizen rights , police laws etc. A true eye opener. I do believe that 1984 (together with Animal Farm) is hugely relevant even in current times. This book awakened me to so many facets of our lives that I took for granted
I think so because I then started noticing from personal experience that –

  • You will struggle to find a picture-postcard of Prince Charles with Diana in London today. These were so popular only few years back. Ministry of Information at work?
  • Few allies that US had in Middle-East are now sworn enemies. Ministry of Peace? Eurasia/Eastasia? The similarities are conspicuous and frightening.
  • UK govt is planning to install speakers with CCTVs.!! Link to the news

Catch 22 – Joseph Heller
Yossarian Lives !!

Currently Reading – Freakonomics – Looks interesting so far!

This was when I had read first few chapters. Eventually it turned out to be boring and predictable. The last few chapters were particularly ho-hum. Worth a read anyway for the first few chapters. Borrow from a friend or library to read.

Favourite Movies

Jerry Maguire
Tale of an underdog! Inspirational!

Schindler’s List
I don’t think any other movie has ever moved me so much. The scene in which Fiennes (Schindler) takes stock of his gold-ring, car etc and breaks down because each of them meant few more lives which he could’ve saved, had me closest to tears than any movie I’ve ever seen.

Shawshank Redemption
If you think you know what perseverance means. Watch this! A movie everyone must must see!

Favourite Music

For Whom the Bell Tolls – Metallica
It was a extremely difficult task for a huge Metallica fan like me to choose just one track but I think this is one of the best and def my personal favourite. Great lyrics. Lars is explosive and guitar riffs complement his drums so well that the result is breathtaking. The change of drum-beats, guitar slowly picking pace and reaching crescendo and then… doing it all over again. Magic.

Pocketful of Rainbows – Elvis
I havent heard much of Elvis but this OST from Jerry Maguire is a compelling example of his genius.

Fave Hindi Songs – Changes with my mood, time etc
Current fave – Bheegi Bheegi – (Gangster)

I start my day with –

  • Calvin and Hobbes
  • Dilbert (notice my nickname nixbert ??)

….. and finaly just so that there is no confusion – Linux Rocks! BSD rocks hard as well!


4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Saurabh said

    Hi Nixbert,

    stumbled upon your blog while searching about the placements this year at ISB as there has not been a lot of HooHah about it on the news channels. My friend too is joining ISB class of 2008 and I am really interested in all this. I must say that your commentary on the whole placement process has been very interesting and just the kind of info I was looking for. Got the sense of the situation and the tension that would be existing there. Hope your friend got a good offer.


  2. nixbert said

    Sit tight! there is more to come. I haven’t had chance to update my blog in past few days!

  3. lurker said

    are you still alive? i am back in india after a while, and feel lost.
    isb seems to be an option. your outsider’s insider view would be of immense help.
    do you still post? or respond?

    thank you

  4. nixbert said

    Hey Lurker

    Ouch!!?? yeah! I am alive. Not dead yet. Thank you very much.

    Last 8-ish months have been pretty dramatic and engaging for me. I returned back to my blog so many times but never got around to posting more. That’s going to change soon.

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