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Posted by nixbert on November 5, 2008

So one fine weekend my company ceased to exist. If you have heard the word ‘Lehman’, then I suppose you have atleast some idea about it.

Weekend of 14th Sep was preceded by extreme nervousness. I had configured my blackberry to give me live stock quotes. So effectively I was checking the stock quote almost every 10 mins, even when I was not glued to my laptop! My family, meanwhile, decided that this was good enough reason for collectively hating me. By friday evening, it was clear that we had taken heavy beating and it may never be the same again.

I switched to checking news headlines every 10 minutes over the weekend (God bless BlackBerry). Monday morning, Sep 15th, came as a rude shock when I read the headline ‘Lehman files for bankruptcy‘. This was both unprecedented and unexpected. There were several possibilities thrown up before the weekend. Not one of them had anything to do with the words ‘Chapter 11’. My family could barely control their shock – How could they not know this before? Yeah well, that’s how it is. Love it or hate it but you cannot avoid either capitalism or globalisation.

Walking into the office that morning was an eerie experience. I swiped my access card. It worked!! Never before did I derive such satisfaction in the mundane 🙂

I will write more about the entire experience as I retrospect and recollect my thoughts. Meanwhile I leave you with ‘The Annotated Fuld‘ (a much publicised painting of Lehman CEO Dick Fuld in which comments from all and sundry have become part of the painting itself).

You can see clear inspiration from one of my favourite authors, Douglas Adams, in one of the quotes – “So long and thanks for all the fish”. See if you can locate it!


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