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compiz on gutsy

Posted by nixbert on October 30, 2007

I finally upgraded to release 7.10 of Ubuntu over the weekend. While the process itself was smooth I lost all compiz effects like wobbly windows which I had configured on the fiesty fawn release (7.04).

Some digging later I found that this was not so uncommon for the impatient souls who had  given in to the eye-candy temptations and configured all the snazzy stuff before it was in the official release (fiesty vs gutsy)

Anyway, some googling later I managed to find following two websites that cover what needs to be done to get it right.


Ubuntu Forum

Moral of the story (you bet there is one) – In rapidly moving world of IT it pays to be a little patient if you *really* need your machine for stuff other than tinkering around. After all you don’t take your souped-out racing car for grocery shopping. Do you?


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