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compiz on gutsy

Posted by nixbert on October 30, 2007

I finally upgraded to release 7.10 of Ubuntu over the weekend. While the process itself was smooth I lost all compiz effects like wobbly windows which I had configured on the fiesty fawn release (7.04).

Some digging later I found that this was not so uncommon for the impatient souls who had  given in to the eye-candy temptations and configured all the snazzy stuff before it was in the official release (fiesty vs gutsy)

Anyway, some googling later I managed to find following two websites that cover what needs to be done to get it right.


Ubuntu Forum

Moral of the story (you bet there is one) – In rapidly moving world of IT it pays to be a little patient if you *really* need your machine for stuff other than tinkering around. After all you don’t take your souped-out racing car for grocery shopping. Do you?


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MBA fair

Posted by nixbert on October 6, 2007

There was an MBA Fair in Mumbai. I decided to show up out of curiosity.

I cannot describe the sheer rush of junta. To borrow a phrase from Douglas Adams – The mind boggled!

I would not have minded the crowd had it not been for a large number of ill informed, dreamy eyed, happy-chappies who were hoping that someone else will spell out a life altering decision for them in a short conversation. (not that a long conversation is any different in this context)

One of the organiser clearly announced that it will be more productive if participants would *not* ask questions which can be answered quickly by browsing the school website and still there was no dearth of people asking alumni/ad-coms about mean GMAT score for their school!

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Irony …

Posted by nixbert on October 6, 2007

T20 WC – the epitome of instant-cricket (much like instant noodles) has suddenly become all the rage. Wham, bang, wallop, cheerleaders and what not.

And what dress do the winners of the world cup show up in at the Mumbai airport? – Test Match Whites!!

Ha! take that!

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