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sweet deal

Posted by nixbert on September 9, 2007

So my laptop broke. After evaluating various options I eventually decided to extend the Dell warranty. I was skeptical at first but had no choice. All of my precious data was on the hard drive and the thing would just refuse to boot up so I had to get this thing functional again. Well that …. and errr …. somehow I have grown fond of this behemoth (yes inspiron 9100 is one big-ass laptop – I still remember when I was visiting ISB, some of the guys kept themselves entertained by the sheer size of this beast – here is the big daddy)

So the warranty cost me about 11.5K but the service was prompt and effective. The parts were delivered and an engineer visited next day. He promptly took the machine apart, ran a few checks and then replaced … brace yourself  – motherboard, power panel, LCD and the graphics card all within the warranty. I am holding off getting the keyboard replaced but that can also be easily arranged given that ‘escape’ key is non-functional.

So as of now I am pretty happy. Just one minor irritant though. Ever since the laptop was put back together, I hear some small part moving and rustling about inside, which is not comforting. I think I am going to have the engineer open it all up again once he comes in to replace the keyboard.


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