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GMAT over and done with….

Posted by nixbert on September 9, 2007

phewww !! what a relief… I scored 730 (Q48 V42).

Tad disappointed though because i think 740 or may be 750 was well within reach. I mismanaged my time in Quant section and ended up answering last 5 question in less than 3 minutes. So I was reduced to glancing over the problem and taking an educated guess. I can still recall that I got the last question wrong for sure. It was a DS question and the right answer hit me like a kick in the shin after I clicked the Ok button. 😦

In retrospect I had been working on my Maths all along (pathetic for an Engineer I know) and barely practised Verbal. But I barely managed to improve my score on Quant by one point. On the other hand, Verbal score improved by two points without much practice. I think this has more to do with my reading a lot and diligently looking for mistakes in everything I read- official mails, newspaper and what-not.

Will post more on my experience later.


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