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laptop blues…

Posted by nixbert on August 29, 2007

after 3 years of solid abuse and misuse my laptop finally decided it was enough.

It was like being hit in the guts by a ….. well it hurts like nothing else. Here I am, a supposedly tech-savy person, who has an ultra-fast 250GB disc sitting with him and he hasn’t even bothered to back up his data in 6 months!!! I have lost count of the number of conversations I have ruined by trying to advise any laptop-owner who would care to listen to rigorously back-up their data. And what did i do myself? nothing …zilch…nada.

And there was time when all of my important work, documents and mba-apps were backed up not just on external drive but also online!! Well, better late than never! I cannot bear to think of same happening one day before app-deadline.

Anyway, not everything is lost. I managed to transfer my service contract from UK to India and extend the warranty. So a technician visited yesterday and replaced motherboard of my laptop. So its booting up but LCD-panel (or video card) is not working quite the way its supposed to. So they are going to replace both of them as well tomorrow. So hopefully I should be able to survive. Hard-disk and apparently all of my data is safe!!

phewwww…. Thank God for small mercies!… really I mean it!


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