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laptop blues…

Posted by nixbert on August 29, 2007

after 3 years of solid abuse and misuse my laptop finally decided it was enough.

It was like being hit in the guts by a ….. well it hurts like nothing else. Here I am, a supposedly tech-savy person, who has an ultra-fast 250GB disc sitting with him and he hasn’t even bothered to back up his data in 6 months!!! I have lost count of the number of conversations I have ruined by trying to advise any laptop-owner who would care to listen to rigorously back-up their data. And what did i do myself? nothing …zilch…nada.

And there was time when all of my important work, documents and mba-apps were backed up not just on external drive but also online!! Well, better late than never! I cannot bear to think of same happening one day before app-deadline.

Anyway, not everything is lost. I managed to transfer my service contract from UK to India and extend the warranty. So a technician visited yesterday and replaced motherboard of my laptop. So its booting up but LCD-panel (or video card) is not working quite the way its supposed to. So they are going to replace both of them as well tomorrow. So hopefully I should be able to survive. Hard-disk and apparently all of my data is safe!!

phewwww…. Thank God for small mercies!… really I mean it!


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D-Day postponed…

Posted by nixbert on August 29, 2007

the landing at Normandy or in my case GMAT is postponed.

As the original d-day (18th Aug) approached I realised I was in no shape to take on the beast.

So one phone call and 50$ later, it’s now scheduled for 8th Sep.

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where’s passion …

Posted by nixbert on August 5, 2007

… bell rang and my wife welcomed in three young women into the house.

I found out that they were from an NGO working for the betterment of destitute girl children in Mumbai. They had come to seek help in form of funds.

In conversations I happened to ask -‘So how do you raise awareness in your target group? Do you hold any awareness campaigns‘.

Pat came the reply – ‘Oh no! we don’t go there. Any normal person would not want to go there.

And they spent next few minutes trying to justify their stand and I do understand their reasons. However, I guess they ought not to be flat-out denying an important task which forms a core part of their NGO’s function. Whichever way you look at it, it isn’t advisable ringing bells to solicit funds and advising the donors that people caught in unfortunate circumstances aren’t normal or people who choose to to be in their midst are not normal!

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