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wordpress blog posting broken with Safari!

Posted by nixbert on June 17, 2007

Safari (Apple’s internet browser for windows) seems broken as far as posting to wordpress blogs is concerned.

After composing my entire post I hit the save button in Safari. The action resulted in removal of all line-breaks in my post. What resulted was a single paragraph devoid of any line breaks I had entered in visual mode.

Oh btw Apple released their browser for windows platform. It isnt as functional as Firefox but it sure is fast.

Anyway, going to file a bug report for it.


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GMAT?!!?? AAaauuuuGGGhhHH!!

Posted by nixbert on June 17, 2007

My heart spontaneously decided participate in next olympics high-jump event. To validate its ambition, it promptly took a leap to see if it could clear my throat.

Of course stimulus for these antics came in form of my GMAT plans, which suffice to say, are in ruins.

Even though it was after much thought that i had decieded to delay GMAT so as to actively hunt for a new job yet i can’t help but feel despair at the time-crunch i have landed myself in.

I must start asap. Where’s my book?… Hmm book! Good question. Where is it? …. Oh of course its with most of the rest of my stuff. … Back in Delh!!!


Must go out and buy another one.

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new job and relocation

Posted by nixbert on June 17, 2007

Its been a while since I updated anything. A number of times I jotted down stuff on paper/notepad but never got around to putting it up. Reason being that one fine morning I decided that my job sucked and I wanted a new one!

So one thing led to another and I have now joined tech divison of one of the largest global investment banks. My trip to Mumbai (i wrote about prev) was for this very interview and resulted in a very attractive offer.

Life has been blink-and-you’ll-miss action since. Resign from job. Try hard not to react listening to senior manager’s drivel. Confirm resignation without breaking into samba moves. And then just when you think its all over you get buried under shitloads of stuff to arrange for relocation. Forms to fill, clearences, accounts, certificates…..death by frustration!! Remind me again why did we ever come down from trees and started walking straight?

Anyway I did survive at the end of it all. I moved into a rented apartment yesterday. So all set!!

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