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my old frustations with linux on laptop

Posted by nixbert on March 29, 2007

With recent development on Dell-Linux front (see post below) I can’t help but remember the considerable time and effort I spent in getting my laptop to run linux 2 years back.

This because my laptop (Inspiron 9100) had top of the line (at that time) ati radeon 256 meg video card which delivered 1680×1050 widescreen resolution. Now I am not sure why but somehow card on my machine just refused to work with Linux ATI radeon drivers. This despite the fact that I downloaded the official driver from ATI website and then spent considerable time and effort to get it going. In fact I ended up blowing my LCD screen’s backlight. 😦 Then I had to connect an external monitor (effectively blind), back up my data and send the laptop to dell for repairs!

I am glad that now Dell has taken initiative to ship linux. Now the hardware vendors will have to make sure that their products don’t act snooty with open source world. Good news indeed.

In fact i recall reading somewhere that even HP ships machines with pre-installed linux if someone requests machines in bulk!! Fantastic development!


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