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the GMAT conundrum

Posted by nixbert on March 27, 2007

One thing we Indians seem to have done quite well is undermine the credibility of GMAT. There’s just so many of us who score so damn well on the test that its not even funny!

My sorry ar$e managed to score only 700 (Q – 47, V – 40) last year. In ideal circumstances this should not worry me too much but well …. I am an Indian IT male .. aint I? No Sir. You ought to know better. Since your brethren score by the bucketloads so you are condemned to sitting your ass down and study some more.

I know all those stories about gmat being just one data point and its all about your essays and overall app etc etc. But who the hell cares? Fact of the matter is that GMAT is probably the only factor in the entire app process which is well within complete control of an applicant. So it does makes sense to do as well as one can.

So … to make a long story short. I am just venting steam because I can’t believe I may have to deal with all that sentence correction nonsense again. Even though quite inexplicably Quant remains my weak point. I am an engineer by profession you know. Howz that for breaking the stereotype?


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