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little update on ISB

Posted by nixbert on March 27, 2007

Class of 2007 will bid adieu to ISB on 7th April. I am sure new admits cannot wait to join the spectacular campus and rewrite the records again. Few pointers though (coming from someone who was dinged, do take it with a whole shaker of salt)

– Do start in earnest right from the start, if you plan to switch careers. Specially those om non-IIT or non-CA background (assuming Fin and Consultancy is what you are planning on). Time is going to be at a premium.

–  Networking is important. In some cases more than raw gpa.

– This year about 27 (or may be 28)  top students got scholarship worth about 2L INR. So you could keep that as one of you aim if you are so inclined.

– Retail is beginning to show all signs of the next big thing. Do evaluate opportunities and see if it floats your boat.

Lastly, I think I missed Tishman Speyer, last year’s crorepati maker, from the placement stats.  Well it picked up couple of people again with similar salaries.

And finally you should see official ISB stats soon now that the class of ’07 is few days away from leaving the campus.


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