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more on ISB …

Posted by nixbert on February 28, 2007

….. all of my friends at ISB (now i have several over there) have spent past week relaxing and enjoying life in general , now that they are all placed. Classes were off for the last week so lot of them headed home after signing on the dotted line. Marriage plans are also on cards for some. Silly buggers, i say!! Amazing what all a coveted job can do.

Last I heard most of the batch had been placed. There are only very few left and that is by choice. I wish all the best to anyone still looking. I am sure you will find your calling very soon!

With almost all of the participant placed and many companies still to visit campus, this year appears rather good. ISB may see another round of placements in such circumstances however the CAS policy is not very clear at the moment (to me!). Will keep you posted.


One Response to “more on ISB …”

  1. Hey Nix..I am applying to B-School, for money, love (girls) šŸ™‚ and Ego food (respect)..Just kidding man..great that u r married and enjoying..for me i have to wait..:-(.

    All the best buddy..The action week is here..

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