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Posted by nixbert on February 28, 2007

I finished Freakonomics (the book i supposedly forgot on flight!) over the weekend.

Very interesting read. However it got very predictable towards the end especially Chapter 6 (related to kid’s names and effect it may/may-not have on their future). All in all the book is engaging as much for the methods deployed by author as for the interesting observations revealed by those methods.

I picked up ‘Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid‘ by C.K. Prahalad at Chennai airport and so far it seems like a book, which could really challenge the way one thinks e.g. I am still struggling to accept one of the author’s assertion about ‘capacity to consume’ at the bottom of the pyramid. As far as I see (which usually isn’t much to write home about), strength of this capacity lies in low-margin and huge-volumes. This means that the segment could be fiercely competetive and I am not sure how many MNCs, who generally sit on assured revenue streams will be willing to engage themselves. Sure there are examples of HLL, ITC etc (Shakti and e-chaupal etc) but that brings me to another point, which I am struggling with – Examples cannot serve as proofs. While this book is rich in examples (and plenty of them rooted in Indian context), I am looking more to grasp the underlying idea and emperical studies that author may be able to elucidate. May be I will have to read his original paper. Anyway, it is exactly such line of thought that this books aims to address so it should definetly be a very absorbing read.


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