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placement observations

Posted by nixbert on February 22, 2007

This link was posted at pagalguy – IIMA pgpx placements – ET

One observation from the news article – Bain consulting seems to have visited IIMA for pgpx participants whereas its still one of the major consultancy organisations which has not visited ISB this year or the previous year. I am not sure about any stats before that.

Booze Allen Hamilton has registered itself at ISB and invited application but so far has not visited the campus. May do so later in early March. According to article BAH has already visited IIMA.

Morover I expect pgpx to do better as far as placement ‘stats’ are concerened however that would be more a reflection on the fact that avg exp is 9 years and avg international experience is 3 years. ISB’s class usually tends to be younger thus does not have that kind of negotiating firepower on the table. I guess ISB’s large class size of 400+ compared to pgpx’s 60 may also have something to do with it.

Please note that I do *not* intend to start a isb vs pgpx flamewar. I have posted some observations about Bain and BAH. I am sure there must be some cvompanies which have visited ISB but not IIMA-pgpx but I am not aware of that. Please consider my comments as a healthy observations. nothing more, nothing less.

(ps : above post is same as my post at pagalguy)


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