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IT stuff and ISB

Posted by nixbert on February 20, 2007

IT firms were not the prefered recruiters this year. Among the noteworthy techy placements are those from Google (an off campus effort. Moolah 15 – 35L plus stock options) and those from NIIT (see one of my other posts). Yahoo was also on campus on Sunday, however, I dont have figures on that one yet.

There were few instances where offer made was less than the ISB’ian’s package before ISB! On the positive side most techy companies were forced to extend their acceptance deadline to 2-3 weeks which means that the candidate can participate in the placement process till that time whereas most companies in retail, i-bank, consultancy, media etc get their positions closed in 2-3 days max.

I especially liked the trend that at least at ISB there is a distinct preference for non-IT type jobs, even though I belong to the IT horde myself. What this means is that we have more and more talent going into other sectors, this is good because the situation is exactly opposite in engineering institutes with almost everyone gunning for IT. I am not sure how strong this trend is or what overall effect this could have on overall economy but it surely cannot do much harm. And if other sectors are energised as well then … thats got to be sweet!!

I am in no position to comment on the kind of tension and peer pressure these guys have to face, even after observing the entire process at close quarters. But i do want to say this to any ISB’ian who happens to come across my blog – Don’t undersell yourselves! I have seen the kind of rigours you guys go through every day and you are definetly one of the best, most recruitable talent and this isn’t just lip service. I often go to campus to recruit myself and I’ve seen brain-dead sponges who sell themselves like there is no tommorow. So don’t get disheartened. Wish you all brilliant success that you deserve.


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