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bored in Chennai

Posted by nixbert on February 20, 2007

To borrow a quote from H2G2G – “For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.

Except for me, that would be the entire day instead of a second!!

My office here is far out bang in the middle of …. nothing!!  I cannot go out because by the time it will reach anywhere it would be time to turn back for home. Besides I don’t have any friends in Chennai anymore. All of them have moved out.

And, did i tell you that I forgot the only book I was carrying on flight itself? because i did!

man this sucks !!


3 Responses to “bored in Chennai”

  1. Anonymous said

    Hi! Waiting for more updates from you on ISB placements.

  2. Anonymous said

    Hi, I have been following ur intresting posts on ISB. I secured admission in ISB and will be joining this April. I am from Chennai too… ur last post conveys ur boredom in Chennai. We could catch up sometime if u r intereted – Rangarajan, 9840761613

  3. nixbert said

    Congrats on your admit! Well done Rangarajan.

    Thanks a lot for posting your number. I will give you a call sometime tommorow, unless i vegitate by boredom till then 😉

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