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average salaries at ISB so far…

Posted by nixbert on February 19, 2007

According to rough stats so far the average salary offered at ISB on day 1 was about 20L INR. On day 2 the figure was closer to 12. (each day counted independent of the other). I think this was kind of expected, especially with companies like Infosys, Cognizant, which are not really the best paymasters, visiting the campus. They did make few attractive offers though, but majority were within the range of 10-15L INR.

Quote from CAS (on Day2)- “The students are unnecessarily getting desparate due to peer pressure. They should hold out and negotiate.”

However one of the CAS staffers did admit that the batch of ’07 is far more relaxed than the last year’s class. May be they are finding comfort in the fact that  about 50% more companies are visiting the campus.

Trivia: Last year special sessions were arranged for spouses of the participants to prepare them for handling pressure of the placement session!!


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