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Interesting placement story at ISB …

Posted by nixbert on February 18, 2007

I am not going to name the organisation in this post for ethical reasons. After all I am an outsider here at ISB. I am going to use org_XYZ instead.

So, org_XYZ first short-listed some candidates for the interviews and then further whittled down their choices after couple of rounds of interviews. By that time results for Mckinsey and BCG started pouring in. org_XYZ immediately did a volte-face and started finding out who made it to McK/BCG or  who had reached till the last round of  interviews. Subsequently, they started pitching for those very guys while ignoring their own shortlist (of course there was some overlap between both the lists). Few candidates who were eliminated in the early rounds by org_XYZ were called back again and given offers just because they were being considered by McK/BCG. I can understand that every company wants to recruit best possible talent but I have never seen such complete lack of confidence exhibited by recruiters in their company’s own processes.

Needless to say there were more than a few agitated souls and org_XYZ lost quite a lot of its credibility. I am not sure if any of the students or CAS will consider this matter for review or not. Time will tell.

One advice to future students at ISB : Make sure you get in touch with some alumni and pick their brains. I am sure it will make your time here a lot more fruitful in every possible way.


2 Responses to “Interesting placement story at ISB …”

  1. Ashish said

    Its great to read all this info about the happenings in ISB. I hope there are much more to follow….

  2. nixbert said

    sure! Just keep checking back for ‘ISB stories’ tag

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