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Vista Free Zone

Posted by nixbert on February 8, 2007

Saw the MS Vista ad on TV for the first time.

I have decided that I am never migrating to Vista. Ever! At least not on machines that I pay for. I may be forced to use it at work though.

I am going to use Linux as my main platform and also experiment with BSD. At the outset I see two issues, which could derail my plans.

  1. I will have to replace my laptop sometime in next 2-3 years and its going to be hard to find one that does *not* ship with Windows (Vista).
  2. Laptops ship with winmodems :-(. So if i have to use a dial-up connection I may not be able to do so on Linux. I would rather use XP in such circumstances (i’ve paid for it already when i bought my current laptop) rather than cough up more dough for Vista.

I am confident I can handle everything else.


2 Responses to “Vista Free Zone”

  1. Shiva said

    Hi Bali,

    Better go for macbook pro 😉 Just a bit more costly and gotta buy everything from them, but worth it! 😉

    And nice to know about your blog.


  2. nixbert said

    macbook pro has some of the same issues as Vista. Namely – lack of tinkerability, proprietary software, possible DRM implementations. Cost isn’t that much of an issue as the ideology. It is often said that in capitalism you vote with your dollars (or rupees) and I dont intend to vote for idea represented by vista.

    Besides, for me, nothing matches the thrill of doing your own thing with linux. The fun of getting under the hood.

    and btw this isn’t Bali 😉

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