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what’s the point?

Posted by nixbert on February 7, 2007

Why is everyone going overboard with clubbing names of two celebrities together to create a single, extremely annoying word?

I’ve already had enough with the word ‘Brangelina’ and I simply flipped out when i read ‘Billary’ (Bill + Hillary Clinton).

Come on guys! its neither clever nor funny. It doesn’t serve any purpose and I certainly don’t think we are *that* bothered about saving print space!! Besides unnecessary ommision of alphabets never did anyone any good. Remember Y2K ? 🙂

I suspect it is going to get even worse as US elections approach. 😦

….. and come to think of it whats next? abhiwarya??

<nixbert chokes on his own words>


One Response to “what’s the point?”

  1. balasupa said

    have u noticed how male centric all are and how male centric you have turned out ? abhiwarya, indeed!!!

    why not bhavabhi ?

    or…if your better half subscribed as ‘toon’ – nixbert and toon could become nixon … hmm… watergate….

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